Industrial desinger and professional pattern maker, I decided to become a shirt maker after working for many years at Ralph Lauren as a product developer.

The answer to re-defining the perfect bespoke shirt, which was challanging from both an aesthetic and a technical point of view, was to put together the understated style of british elegance with the italian attention to quality and details. It was then that my background in product development and pattern making helped me to put together attention to the style with technical knowledge creating a product that is at the same time sophisticated and cut on client's needs.

Quintessentially british features like bold stripes and decisive collar stands  together with italian luxury cottons and handmade details create along with my constant visits to Paris, Rome and Venice The Trevelling Artisan shirt. Each creation is conceptualised during the first appointment with the client going through fabric, cut and features to help him achieving a personal style.

I draft an individual pattern for each client giving lot's of attention in the first place to shoulders slope and armhole height before sewing a muslin using a long basting stitch. During the fitting i first fit the body in order to rectify shoulder's slope and balance and then I set the sleeves changing the pitch individually to make sure they are attached accordingly to client's posture.

It is only at this stage after removing any draping from the fabric and traslating the fitting into the pattern that I start cutting the fabric and sew the shirt.